Services-Vault Management

Service Detail

We Protect and Manage you precious and valuables deposited in our Vault for safe keeping.

Professional Vault Storage

Are you interested in owning physical gold and silver, but would rather not keep it at home? Affinery Gold Ghana Limited has relationships with the world’s finest professional storage services. These secure vault facilities are strategically located around the world and have excellent reputations.

100% Physically Allocated

With our storage partners, your metal will be kept on a 100% physically “allocated” basis. This means that your coins and bullion are physically present in the vault, held separately in your name, and not just represented by a certificate.

You can pick up your metals in person, or have them shipped to any domestic or international address (shipping & handling charges apply).

Vault Services

Our comprehensive services for clients include safety deposit box storage for your valuables in either our treasury grade vaults. In addition, we provide an end-to-end service for purchasing bullion, insurance and buy-back of bullion.

We also cater to offshore clients providing bullion purchasing services and storage options.



We offer the best solution of air freight services with daily schedule to worldwide.


We Protect and Manage you precious and valuables deposited in our Vault for safe keeping.


We offer the best capacity, schedule and competitive rates. Whether general cargo, hazardous cargo, out of gauge freight, standard shipment or consolidation services, we can support.

Customs Brokerage & Logistics Consultancy

Transportation is more than moving cargo. Customs clearance, License and Regulation are necessary that must be completed to avoid delays or penalties.

Why Explicit Logistics & Vault Solution

Explicit Logistics and Vault Solution was strategically established since early 2005 to be a one stop logistics services provider, which many years valued logistics experiences in UK and across the world transportation & logistics industry. 

What You Get

Our priority is we are made up of competent and experience team across the various continents and our aim is to always make sure our customers are satisficed with our business or our encounter with them. 

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